About Us

It is possible to reach a perfect meeting place; a point where mutual interests are in accord, in a way that is highly professional and effective. This is the result of a successful relationship, a relationship built on trust, insight and capability.

In the demanding world of advertising, you need creativity, clarity, communication, expertise and reliability. You need someone to understand, execute and maintain. It is not enough to coldly enforce an idea of what should be done. That is an undeveloped relationship that is not optimised, leaving both parties unsatisfied. Fruition of ideas is a complete process, a progression, a realisation; it is a relationship.

As you read these words, you are waiting for something to speak to you, to connect, to engage. You need words to touch you, images to move you. There is an artistry in words, an impression in images. So how do you stand out? How do you make an impression? How do you engage effectively?

That’s exactly our business – engaging and leaving an impression on your audience that adds value to your brand. Effective communication is skilfully directed energy that changes the way others relate to your brand.

At Uppe® Marketing our inspiration is ignited by understanding. Through ongoing, open dialogue we shape and structure an integrated communication campaign. This is not an event that happens in isolation; it is the result of an ongoing relationship between the client and the agency, a relationship where trust is earned through deliverables, timing and value.
The energy and dynamism of this industry demands insight, creativity, perfect execution and unwavering competence. Uppe® Marketing thrives on consistently meeting these demands.


Uppe® Marketing was established in 1985 and received advertising accreditation in 1987. Over the years, the company has established long-standing relationships with the full spectrum of the country’s media owners, and is recognised as a dedicated media buyer. Because of our reputation, we’re able to negotiate excellent discounts and placements for our clients.

Our reputation is a result of…

  • stability – 30 years in the industry.
  • fast turnaround times.
  • affordable rates.
  • vast knowledge and experience.
  • recognition as a reliable partner by major players.
  • added value through a comprehensive, cost-effective and tailored range of services.
  • long-standing relationships with clients, the media and suppliers.

Over the past years, Uppe® Marketing has consistently outperformed its competitors in the advertising industry. The group has been given top marks by Objectivity. Objectivity annually rates agencies in terms of a list of criteria that is widely used as an industry norm.

This rating was amongst others awarded for our:

  • reputation
  • range of services
  • long-standing relationships with clients
  • creativity and design ability
  • professionalism, dedication and speed
  • strategy and effectiveness

Uppe Marketing is fully BEE compliant and was one of the first advertising agencies to receive BEE recognition. Through an independent survey, we were certified as a Level 2 contributor with a B-BBEE procurement recognition level of 125%.

  • Above-the line: concept, design and implementation of full advertising campaigns for television, radio, and print media.
  • Below-the-line: direct mail marketing, promotional campaigns and printed marketing material.
  • In-house strategic media planning, management and placement.
  • Creative concepts, copy writing, editing, translation, proofreading, design, artwork.
  • Market research
  • Public relations
  • Website design, multimedia presentations and digital media.
  • Exhibitions and corporate events
  • Brand development
  • Desktop publishing
  • Photographic services
  • Brand strategy
  • Business strategy
Our premise is simple: our business is about relationships; this must naturally be extended to relationships in our community.Uppe® Marketing has various social responsibility programmes aimed at supporting those who carry heavy burdens, such as illness, poverty and disabilities.