AgCelence print campaign



More about the campaign:

The “letter ad” was a hugely successful element that formed part of an intensive testimonial print advertising campaign. This personal and unique concept was used to deliver the testimonial message in a tangible and unexpected way. The print ad featured an actual envelope containing a letter, some photographs and a contact list of BASF representatives, stuck in the Landbouweekblad.

Director’s notes:

Care was taken to select the correct stock and finishes to give the pieces an authentic feel (envelope containing a letter, photographs, etc.). The letter was a sure-fire way to get the readers of the magazine to engage with the advert – open it and look at the content.

A ‘personal’ letter addressed to a person that could well be the one reading it, and highlighting the benefits of AgCelence, full-colour photographs with captions illustrating the facts given in the letter, i.e. a beautiful maize field, a record harvest (‘my AgCelence effect’), a new tractor (suggesting it was bought with the profits after the great harvest due to AgCelence) and a ‘tearsheet’ with the contact details of BASF representatives, was a unique way of reaching the target market and strengthening the brand.