DEKALB new CI campaign


Monsanto DEKALB

More about the campaign:

Internationally, Monsanto underwent Corporate Identity changes with a new look and feel, e.g. introduction of new wing, tagline. Monsanto SA followed suit and Uppe was tasked to implement the new look and feel locally and keep the brand relevant to South Africa. This new CI campaign was then combined with the launch of the new DEKALB cultivars.  Various elements of the campaign: new CI magazine advertisements, emerging farmers’ letters and vouchers, DEKALB new cultivar launch event, mesh banners, pull-ups as well as a DEKALB jingle.

 Director’s notes:

The new DEKALB CI makes use of a wing design that places the crop and farmer centre stage.

 DEKALB launch event:

The DEKALB logo background and the wing inspired the overall colour scheme, theme and design elements (e.g. clouds, blue) of the event. With the messages: “With Monsanto’s new and exciting DEKALB cultivars there is no limit to your success” and “Your crops will reach for the sky with DEKALB” the overall theme is further emphasised and carried through.