Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.– Anthony J D’Angelo

A few years ago, Uppe Marketing decided as part of their social responsibility initiative to use the funds they would have spent on Christmas gifts for their clients, to reach out to the less fortunate. A decision that was met with enthusiasm and support from our clients. Using these funds, with additional funds from the company, Uppe has since been able to make a small difference, bringing smiles to the faces of those not so fortunate.

The true spirit of sharing

Our choice fell on the Kempton Park branch of the MES NPO and we are privileged to have been able to assist with the following to date:

  • Monthly cash donations
  • Staff members volunteered serving lunch at the shelters as well as serve Christmas lunch
  • Visited the after-care centre for school children and handed out stationery
  • Donation of general office supplies and furniture
  • Bought Christmas gifts for the children (in 2017 each child received new school shoes) and arranged an afternoon with games and sweets

This is an on-going initiative and one that is very close to our hearts.

More about MES

MES Kempton Park, a satellite branch of the MES NPO, opened their doors in 2010 as there was an urgent need for overnight shelter and social relief, offering services to the poor, homeless and unemployed and reaching out with the aim to break the cycle of poverty. Through their programmes, MES strives to empower people to live independent, sustainable and meaningful lives. Read more here: http://www.mes.org.za/

This is why we do what we do …