You might be an Insta Queen or a Facebook Fanatic, but when it comes to your business or brand, you don’t want to fool around. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when posting brand-related information on social media.

  1. Use correct grammar and accurate information

There is nothing like a spelling mistake or factual error, jumping from the screen to bite your brand in the back. Yes, you must get it first and you must get it fast, but most importantly… you must get it right. So, spend some time on perfecting your posts before you send them out in the world.

  1. Treat each social media platform as an individual

We all have our quirks… the same goes for social media platforms. Do thorough research on each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) before posting to ensure you meet their specific needs.

  1. When in doubt, don’t

If you have a funny feeling in your gut or lie awake at night contemplating a post, rather not do it. It is called the “worldwide web” for a reason. With the tap of a finger, you expose yourself to a whole online world, ready to hit “share”. It is as easy as this: If you speak your mind, mind what you speak.

  1. Simply sharing is not caring

Sharing is caring, right? Wrong. Not when it comes to social media. Make use of those creative juices and generate your own, original content. It is okay to share something occasionally but avoid crowding your timeline with other’s posts.

  1. Tell your story in your own voice

We know you have a unique voice. Use it! To make your brand speak to others you have to speak for your brand. Every business has an identity. Tap into yours and communicate with your audience in a way that is unique to your brand.