You haven’t read this article yet and you are already tired of it, aren’t you? And let’s be honest, you have scrolled down twice to see if we haven’t perhaps made a short video summarising this article in under one minute?

We haven’t.

Why? Because this teaches us a very important lesson about what digital marketing has become and what it is asking of you. The marketing landscape has changed remarkably over the last decade and it has forced us to re-invent the way we present our brand and make our mark.

The big shift from traditional to digital media has opened a whole new world for marketing experts to engage with their audiences. In this ever-changing media landscape, it is so easy to get left behind. The only way to compete with the dogs, is to learn how to run like them.

One of the ways in which we do that, is with video content.

Here are three types of video content that you can use to put your brand out there:

  1. Campaign footage: This is usually high-end quality footage, reinforcing that the brand is confident and serious about its products, vision, and services. 
  1. Social media content: Don’t worry too much about the quality of your video content here. Authenticity is the name of the game! Informative content is the best for generating engagement on this platform.
  1. Live streaming: Any opportunity to engage with your audience is important. Live streaming creates a feeling of trust as there are no smoke and mirrors to portray an ideal scenario. But be careful with this one…the camera hides nothing.