When you know it’s that time of the month, there’s no need to panic or be anxious. I’m talking about creating your monthly social media content calendar, of course.

Even if you are a social media queen for more than one brand, planning your content on various social media pages can be tricky. But it can make your life so much better and the rest of the month will be stress free.

Follow our tips below to make sure you ace your content calendar from the get-go.

  1. Know what type of content your audience wants and needs

This will require a bit of research, experience from previous social media posts and the engagement that you received. When analysing and interpreting your previous months’ posts, you will become aware of certain types of posts that performed better, and that will be an indication that your audience wants to see more of it.

  1. Planning!

It’s important to start planning your content calendar ahead of time…especially if you are handling more than one brand.

  1. Using the 4 content pillars

We hope that you are not just deciding randomly what to post when. It’s important to base your content for the month according to the 4 content pillars.

  • Inspire – These are the types of posts that you make when you want to inspire your audience. They will generally consist of inspirational quotes, photos and most importantly, testimonials!
  • Entertain – When you want to entertain your audience by posting a quirky (brand related) video or photo. This shows the fun side of your brand.
  • Empower – These types of posts are so important, but a lot of brands lack in this department. They usually consist of CSR-initiative posts. The main goal of these posts is that you want to show your audience that you care about the community, while actually caring.
  • Inform – Simply put, when you want to inform your audience about your brand and what it does.

It’s best to have a good mix of the above to ensure that there is a good balance between your different posts.