How to blog for your brand

Blogs are no longer the heart wrenching testimonials lonely teens write in the middle of the night when their “one true love” breaks up with them after a two-week relationship.

Times have changed and so has the nature of blogs. In fact, today it is a useful tool in many industries and one of the lead sources of traffic on business websites.

But how do you keep your content fresh and engaging? Let us help you.

  1. Be picky when picking a topic – Before you can jump in and start writing you must do your research. You have to pick a topic that is engaging, interesting and one that compels the reader, but most importantly, you have to pick a topic that has not been written about a lot. If people have already read a similar blog, why would they read yours?
  2. Stay sexy! – Not all brands are sexy, and that’s okay. Beauty lies not in the eye of the beholder, but in the pen of the writer. Always keep it fresh and interesting. With this we are not insinuating that all blogs must be funny (although it helps), but they must definitely be interesting. Whether you are writing about the different ways in which you can fold a plastic bag, it has to grasp the reader. The responsibility lies with the writer to reinvent the wheel and give the reader something to chew on.
  3. Professional advice – Yes, a blog can be quirky, but it has to be factually correct. People want advice they can trust, not information you got off
  4. Catch them while you can – It starts with the very first word. Grab your audience by the neck, reel them in and then give them the cold hard facts. If the headline of your blog does not immediately catch your attention, rethink it.
  5. Keep it short and sweet – Long gone are the days of people struggling through ten thousand-word essays. If you keep it short and simple, you will most probably keep your audience as well. Which is the sole reason why I am stopping this blog right here.