We are extremely proud of one of our graphic designers, Nthabisen Maureen Serumula, who has been selected as one of 67 designers to take part in the Sixty Seven Logos Designathon. The event will take place on 18 July in Sandton, Johannesburg where 67 talented designers will gather to make a difference in the lives of small business owners.

Colourworks in partnership with Over the Rainbow and Designers Ink has launched this wonderful initiative as a celebration of Nelson Mandela’s centennial. They have identified 67 high impact South African start-ups and small businesses who are in need of a logo. The selected designers will have the opportunity to design a logo for each of the companies and present it on Mandela Day.

The designing process will already start on the 10th of July when the designers receive all the details of the business they will be designing for. On the 18th they will have 67 minutes to complete the logos before presenting two options to the client. One of the logos will then be selected for further development.

Maureen, who has been working at Uppe Marketing for the last two and a half years, is very excited about the opportunity.

Maureen, one of the designers of the 67 Minute Designathon, in front of Uppe's offices.

“One always want to excel in one’s career and this is a wonderful stepping stone for a young designer like me. I am very excited about meeting the client or company that has been selected for me and also networking with other designers.”

She sees this as an opportunity to help others. “Helping those in need has always been my calling and is a wonderful privilege to be able to utilise my professional skills to do this.”

She says it also allows for an opportunity for start-ups to grasp the importance of having a good marketing team by their side. 

“Many people can’t afford the professional services marketing agencies offer, but this gives us the opportunity to give back to the community,” she says. “It also opens small-business owners’ eyes to how important it is to have good marketing. They will start understanding the impact of having a proper marketing plan in order to yield success.”

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