We have all seen the slumping heads of company staff members or worse yet, clients, during an early morning meeting as the effects of a poor PowerPoint presentation finally sets in.

Here’s something for you to chew on… it does not have to be that way!

There are ways to keep your audience at the edge of their seats. Let’s show you how:

The power lies in the presenter…

…not in the presentation! Your visual presentation can never substitute good presentation skills. The sting of a good presentation lies in the presenter.

Make sure that you are engaging, that you draw the attention of your audience and captivate them until your last word.

Consistency is key

Use your CI-guide to create a PowerPoint template which can be used for all company presentations. This will ensure consistency and a professional look and feel that is indicative of your brand’s identity. Lastly, it will also save time as you don’t have to scour the web for templates that have been used in many a company’s presentation.

Only one concept or idea per slide

One of the most common mistakes presenters make, is overcrowding their slides with information. You don’t want your listeners to become readers, so shy away from bombarding them with text. Keep your sentences short and sweet and rather let your talking to the trick. Get them to listen and engage with you, rather than with the screen.


 When it comes to using visual elements such as pictures on your slides, keep it simple. Do not place more than six images on one slide. This immediately draws the attention away from YOU and focuses it on the screen.

Spice it up!

Let’s be honest… not all topics are equally interesting. But all presentations can be! Pick an interesting angle and engage your audience with enticing facts on the subject matter. Also use visually stimulating material (like videos, photos and music) in your presentation to keep your audience entertained.