Covid-19 is a relative term by now, and for many people it has a different meaning. Some may get a bad taste in their mouth, and others a sprinkle of hope. Covid-19 has influenced all aspects of our lives, but especially how we manage certain things, our relationships, and our occupations. Many brands used this time to create opportunities for their business while other brands just could not survive the big knock. Although the cookie might crumble, the focus should be on the future and how to go about not only with your lifestyle but especially your brand.

Here are a few tips to manage your brand in the coming year…

  • Covid-19 has taught us the importance of life and to help us focus on what really matters. Thus, make sure your marketing message is sincere, and focused on subjects that really matter. Nobody cares about materialistic things in a time of a pandemic. Make your message speak to the heart.
  • People long for real interaction with others. Ensure that your marketing strategy speak to your audience in a way that is interactive and connective. People will search for ways to engage, so make sure you give it to them.
  • Covid-19 forced the ways of marketing to change. A poster in a shop is no longer relevant because consumers choose to use online purchasing applications for food, clothing etc. Media has made an immense shift from print to digital within a few months. People that never used digital platforms were forced to do so. Marketing has seen a great shift to the digital side which influences the entire target market, age, population, and the medium of communication. Make sure you are informed in how to make your brand pop digitally, because online is our new lifeline.
  • A great way to attract your consumer is to use the right buzz words. For example, when you know Black Friday is coming you tend to look for the word sale or buy one get one There are certain words that will catch the consumers attention in certain times, Therefore, be aware of current situations and use your lingo to your brands advantage.
  • The best way to approach your brand is to go back to the drawing board, and to look at the word- Simon Sinek, author of the best seller Start with the why, presents us with the idea that the purpose of your brand should be placed before the process and the product. When you know the purpose of what you are trying to get across, you have already opened the field to new marketing opportunities.
  • Also keep in mind that the role of business is changing. It should no longer be just about making money but creating a net-worth positivity for your business.
  • In a time were people have been through an economic and social crisis, remember to always be transparent in your doings, and show your brand with an open and honest viewpoint. People are not stupid; they can easily see through a mocked-up advertisement. Be real and be you.

Therefore in 2021 make sure you humanise your brand, to make people feel something and give them a voice through your brand. Let us all adapt in our ways and make 2021 the year of innovation within a growing digital society.